PCT – One Section at a Time

I’m excited about starting a new hiking journey together with a friend I met last year when we both took part in a Wilderness Basic Course through the Sierra Club in North San Diego County. We are going to “section hike” the Pacific Crest Trail.

PCT Laguna Mt

The 2,653 mile PCT begins at the Mexican border in California and ends at the Canadian border at Washington state.  Many people enjoy thru-hiking this trail -continuously hiking from one border to the next – it can take 4 months or more. Since I can’t commit to that much time on the trail (and honestly, I don’t know if I’m physically ready for it) we’ve decided to aggressively section hike the PCT.PCT TRAIL

We will still complete the PCT but in smaller sections – on own timeframe and more importantly at our own pace.  I do admire those who can thru-hike – a lot of attention needs to be made to getting to your destination before heavy snow, rain or fire season. It’s been a particularly heavy snow season in the Sierras this year and last year many hikers were rerouted due to fires.


This past weekend we hiked a section on Mt Laguna in San Diego County – 5 miles out and back beginning at the Desert View day-use lot and ending at Thing Valley Rd.

Desert View

Desert View of Anza Borrego Desert and Salton Sea from Mt Laguna


Giant Dandelion, Mt Laguna, CA, San Diego County

The trail varied from a dirt trail to a rocky terrain as it weaved its way along the ridgeline with amazing views of the Anza Borrego Desert and the Salton Sea below the 6,000 elevation Laguna Mt. Some areas of the trail were filled with pine trees and wildflowers. This section is well maintained and easy to follow but we did notice on the way back – heading north – the signs were not as prominent especially where the trail veers off to the left after Thing Valley Rd. It appeared to be an old car dirt road but could easily be mistaken for the trail. If you took that road by mistake you would probably end back at Sunrise Highway and fnd your way back to the PCT trail from there.

Now, I have to tell you, I’m what’s considered a “baby boomer”. I always hated that term because I think of myself as a woman caught between two generations.

I’m not a baby you’re a baby

I’m sure to have some physical challenges on the trail. Those aches and pains that started creeping in a few years ago — are definitely more noticeable after hiking. But hey, that’s a part of life right?  It’s how you deal with it  that keeps you young!  I’m determined to keep moving for many more years, I have determination, some skill and a strong desire to be outdoors. Plus, the Wilderness Basic Course I took really helped with my confidence level whether hiking locally or backpacking longer distances.

I’d love to share this journey with you and share tips on gear I find works, lessons I’m learning, what worked, what didn’t and what I won’t do again. Hoping this helps you on your next outdoor journey. Subscribe — try to keep up!

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